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About Us

ABOUT Professional Services LLC

PS is into multi- disciplinary lines of business activities, having grown from strength to strength alongside on a constant growth spiral.

Selective in the choice of international firms it works with, PS is on its way to surpass the stringent benchmark it has set for itself. With a corporate philosophy of teamwork, transparency and open partner relations, achieving excellence is but a seamless journey and never a destination.

PS is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, to personalizing their event experiences, to providing an innovative environment, and to making a difference.


To operate with a clear sense of direction, led by clearly defined goals. Through this process to achieve sustainable growth, unhampered by the highs and lows of business.


To deliver nothing short of excellence in every area of business, taking pride in and functioning within the ambit of our historical legacy of integrity and transparency.

Business Portfolio

Achieving excellence in business is always by a team and never done in isolation. A management team is therefore in force to ensure comprehensive customer satisfaction.

The pro-active team at Professional Services LLC, – PS has as a corporate philosophy-maintained transparency in their dealings, adopting a cautious albeit winning strategy of minimum risk and maximum profit.

With each growth curve, comes the added responsibility of peak performance; and in order to surpass the benchmark that we have set for ourselves, we have meticulously selected international firms with considerable repute to partner with. This will in turn ensure superlative quality of our deliverables.

The business verticals will give an in-depth account of both our activities and achievements.