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Telecommunication Companies In UAE

Professional Services LLC– is known for its technical expertise and sets a benchmark for industry standards. In line with this performance excellence, PS functions as the telecommunications arm brings to the table extensive experience in Telecommunication and Fiber Optics.

PS takes pride in the delivery of the most reliable and high-quality underground services work in the United Arab Emirates. This is accomplished by a team of highly experienced industry professionals among telecommunication companies in UAE who deliver the promise of best-in-the-market products and telecommunication services UAE in the telecom and construction industries. Besides, customer care assumes top priority which further enhances the credibility of the organization.

Stringent adherence to timelines, quality service within that stipulated period, and high-order reliability are the forte of PS. Working in close coordination with clients and consultants from the design stage and all the way up to completion, the company is equipped to deal with projects of any dimension and magnitude. Meticulous following of relevant international and local standards and specifications assumes honed focus in the execution of its projects.

Fiber Optical Services

Telecommunications Services Companies

With list of several projects successfully completed in and around the Middle East, PS has been a major force in installation, splicing and testing of Optical Fiber cable.

With the telecommunication services UAE industry in the region growing by leaps and bounds, PS delivers quality with passion coupled with professionalism. The growing clientele list is a testimony to this.

This is achieved due to the expertise is drawn from optical fiber installation managers, engineers, and technicians who are part of the splicing/testing and structural cabling division. Besides, the department is headed by professional engineers with decades of experience both within UAE and outside. The technicians on board are equally proficient in their execution, having been associated with projects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and with market leaders such as Siemens and AT&T.

Specialized Services As Telecommunication Companies In UAE

Fiber Optics (Single Mode & Multi-Mode Cables)

  • Technical support and assistance
  • Supervision & installation of Fiber Optics installations
  • Splicing of Fiber Optics cables – Indoor / Outdoor
  • Termination of Fiber Optic cables
  • Commissioning of optic cables
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting of cables
  • Maintenance of networks

Structural & Underground Cabling in Ducts (Voice, Data & Fiber)

  • Technical support and assistance
  • Cable installation of all type of cables
  • Cable termination
  • Cable testing and commissioning
  • Fault finding and trouble shooting

Offshore Installations (Voice, Data & Fiber)

  • Cable installation
  • Splicing of cables
  • Termination of cables
  • Testing of cables
  • Commissioning of networks
  • Fault finding and troubleshooting of cables
  • Maintenance of networks

Other Services By PS as Telecommunications Services Companies

  • Detailed survey & design of cable installation by AutoCAD
  • Detailed installation of tray & conduit work and panel box fixing
  • Installation of PVC
  • Civil work for various types of foundation and chambers / manholes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Telecommunication Companies In UAE offer a wide range of services, including voice and data communication, internet connectivity, and advanced solutions like Fiber Optics, ensuring seamless connectivity for businesses and individuals.

Telecommunications Services Companies in UAE offer comprehensive solutions beyond basic internet. They provide tailored services, including Fiber Optics, to enhance internet speed, reliability, and connectivity for businesses and residential users.

Fiber Optics play a crucial role in ensuring high-speed and stable internet connections. Telecommunication Companies in UAE utilize Fiber Optic technology to offer faster data transmission, making it ideal for businesses with high bandwidth requirements.

Yes, Telecommunication Companies in UAE specialize in setting up corporate communication networks. They design, implement, and manage communication infrastructures, ensuring efficient connectivity for businesses of all sizes.

Telecommunication Services UAE enhance residents' and businesses' connectivity, providing faster internet, clear voice calls, and reliable data services. Their expertise in Fiber Optics ensures a seamless experience for all users.

The telecommunications arm brings extensive experience in Telecommunication and Fiber Optics. Their expertise lies in designing and implementing robust communication networks, ensuring efficient data transmission and connectivity solutions.

Yes, Telecommunication Companies in UAE offer solutions for mobile networks, including 4G and 5G connectivity. They optimize mobile network infrastructures, enhancing coverage, speed, and reliability for users.

Telecommunication Services UAE implement advanced security protocols and encryption methods to safeguard business data. They provide secure virtual private networks (VPNs) and other solutions, ensuring data privacy and integrity.